Your Pizza Delivery Will Never Be Late Again With This Insane Truck!!!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Oh we do hate late deliveries especially when it comes to pizza. Isn’t so annoying when you order a pizza from a fast food claiming to deliver it within 30 minutes yet will arrived to you longer than the expected time of arrival? Well, if this is the kind of pizza delivery truck you got, the pizza will surely arrive in just a minute or two! Interestingly, this ain’t a pizza truck but the well known Farmtruck from Street Outlaws. It just so happened that part of its “sleeper” features include a pizza delivery sign. This is one insane sleeper powered by 502 cubic inch big block , fed by a nose full of nitrous, backed it with an all-drag-racing driveline andreinforced the chassis. In this video, the farmtruck goes 10.53 secs @ 125 mph!

That was pretty crazy. Wait until you see this next video below...