You Gonna Love This IMPRESSIVE 1970 Ford F-100 Street Truck Known as Cayote Ugly

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Scottie will take us back to the recently held SEMA 2015 to feature another interesting vehicle that caught his attention. It’s a sharp looking 1970 F-100 Street truck built  by Ekstensive Metalworks which they interestingly called as “Cayote Ugly. This truck is just one of the trucks showcased by the company (the other one is another impressive truck known as Hard Times).What really makes this truck more impressive is the seamless paintjob. It also hides a great engine! Under the hood is the Ford Racing  5.0 Cayote motor backed by 4R70W Performance Automatic Smart shift transmission. With all these impressive features and customization made for this truck, who doesn’t love to give this truck a ride?

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