YES – Owner of a Lonely Heart!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Throughout the 1960’s the music world was booming with experimental musicians looking to change up the scene. Progressive rock was on the rise and the members of the band YES certainly rose to the occasion earning them a spot in classic/progressive rock history along major names including: King Crimson, Rush and even Pink Floyd. However, throughout the bands evolution they had switched up the band line up and went from progressive rock styling to a more pop based sound. By the early 80’s many of the original members were out and Trevor Rabin had become the conceptual leader of the band. In fact, it was Rabin that took the band in a more pop oriented direction and the result was their 1983 album “90125”.

Many of the members were unsure of the new direction they were taking. For several years they had embraced the progressive and experimental work they were doing despite having very little success compared to their peers.  Rabin was adamant on going in a new direction and with much convincing he was soon able to get the other band members on board. It soon became obvious that Trevor was well informed on what the music industry was wanting at the time. When  their album “90215” hit the stores it immediately became the bands best selling album. Both fans new and old seemed to appreciate the new direction the band had gone in. Once the lead single (“Owner of a Lonely Heart”)  was released it seemed to solidify the album “90125”  as successful record and helped make YES  one of the most popular 80’s rock bands of the time.

The music video for “Owner of a Lonely Heart” became one of MTV’s most circulated music videos on the network and for a while it seemed that the band was riding a great wave of success. Throughout the 80’s and into the 90’s they continued making music, but none of their subsequent albums proved to be as successful as “90125.” To this day, the album and the hit single “Owner of a Lonely Heart” remain an untouched classic that many remember to this day! It is well understood that YES was one of the most influential progressive rock bands in music. Whether you are a fan of their early more experimental music, or dig their edgier pop sound, you cannot deny their place in music history! To check out the music video for their hit single “Owner of a Lonely Heart” click the video below!

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