WTF!! Truck Driver Literally Brings GTA Into Life!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Here’s some really outrageous scene featuring a truck driver wildly weaving through a busy traffic. The truck went on without a sense of direction slipping through spaces available while hitting and sideswiping several vehicles along the way. Its driver was a skilled one for maintaining the pace of the truck avoiding a flip several times when it was about to really flip over. The truck driver never stopped until the truck was really inoperable. He then went out of the truck and still continued the pace now with him running all over as if finding another vehicle to operate. It was not long when the MOB themselves decided to subdue and apprehend the truck driver. It happened in Chile and it was known that the driver was under the influence of a drug. Well he was probably hallucinating about him playing GTA and there he got BUSTED! Follow the insane events with the video shared below.

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