Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Planning to install a new audio system in your car? Well, if you are considering an over the top modification, then you might want to contact Jose Razon and have the world’s craziest audio bass system installed. If you are wondering how insane this bass system is, then you must watch the video below. In this demo, we will witness and hear probably one of the loudest bass system ever installed in a car and you can even see the insane reaction from the other guy once the bass started to roll. In case you’re looking for the technical details here are some parts that built this insane bass system : 2 DC Audio Level 6 18s, 2DC 5ks (10,000watts), 30+ Mids and Highs, XS Power Batteries, Singer Alternators and Sky High Wire. Watch the insane demo below!

Unbelievable. Want another video like that? Check out the one below.