Wife’s Hilarious Theory On How Long It Takes To Travel 80 Miles @ 80 MPH

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

How long does it take to travel 80 miles if you are going 80 MPH? When this guy asked his wife this question, she came up with several theories, each sounding funnier than the one before.

“If I run a mile in about nine minutes, but that’s when I’m out of shape, 7 minutes when I’m really in shape, and that takes me a mile. And we’re going 80 miles, but I’m running at about 10mph, if that. And that’s pretty fast for a human being, I think. But I mean, it’s gotta take at least 58 minutes or something.”

That was actually pretty close, although the process didn’t sound very promising. But when husband tries to get her to understand the concept of miles PER HOUR, all hell breaks loose and logic goes right out the passenger side window.


That was pretty crazy. Wait until you see this next video below...