Watch This Russian Nissan Juke Driver Try To Run Over A Motorcyclist

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Speaking from experience, the drivers usually don’t like it when motorcyclists weave their way through traffic, often coming way too close to  the cars. Call it the near miss many times over and a probable insurance nightmare. Anyway, many bikers aren’t complete dickheads and are careful while making their way through the traffic. Other times it’s the driver of a car acting like an asshole. Sometimes both are at fault. And, of course, leave it to this Russian dash cam footage that captured a face-off between a motorbike and a Nissan Juke to prove the latter. The two guys were arguing about something and the Nissan driver apparently had enough. Just drive into someone. Yeah, that will solve all problems!

That was pretty crazy. Wait until you see this next video below...