Watch Roadkill Guys Do An Offroad Using A Lowrider Monte Carlo

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In this episode of Roadkill, Mike and David decided to do something different. They decided to plan separately without telling each other. Finnegan searched for the venue while Freiburger looked for a car. David suspected that Mike is expecting him to pick a Four Wheel Drive so he came up with an insane idea to have a 1980 Chevy Monte Carlo Lowrider while Mike decided to do an offroad adventure. Offroading a Lowrider car? Well, that is definitely insane and that is what Roadkill is all about! This Chevy Monte Carlo Lowrider is full hydraulics and it is powered by a 3.8L V6 engine! Watch them do some epic and insane offroading and even Three-Wheeling in this video!

That was pretty crazy. Wait until you see this next video below...