Watch How The Retreading Of The Tweel Airless Skid Steer Tire and Wheel Is Done

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

The Michelin Tweel is a revolutionary tire and wheel assembly for skid steer machines that uses high strength poly resin spokes instead of air to support the load of the machine. This allows for a virtually zero down time tire without the drawbacks and limitations of solid skid steer tires. Currently this model Tweel is only offered in the size of 12×16.5 and is only rated for Skid Steer Use and since it is not commonly used, retreading services for such tire are so rare and in fact Pete’s Tire Barns in Orange, Massachusetts believes that they are the first retread shop in the country to successfully retread a Michelin Tweel. Cost wise, a retreaded tweel costs about %50 less then a brand new one which is really a big advantage for Skid Steer users. Check out the step by step procedure below.

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