Illegal Rider Gets Major Karma After Starting a Confrontation!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

The rider in this video seems to lack all common sense and a news team caught it all on camera during one of their segments at the Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza. One of the news men caught the rider cutting across multiple lanes and even going the wrong way down a ramp to get off of the highway. The motorcyclist ends up seeing the news team and confronts them about recording him. Things get a little heated and it is quite obvious that the rider is adamant on not being recorded. However, it appears that his actions were not only caught by the news team, but also the Golden Gate Bridge Patrol who then called the highway patrol. After the Patrol look at the video they see that he violated several traffic laws and issue him a ticket, but that is not all! The rider also had a suspended license and no insurance, resulting in his bike being impounded. Talk about a bad day! If this rider would have just continued riding instead of stopping to confront the news team things would have went a whole lot smoother for him, but you know what they say … KARMA IS A B!%@#!

Crazy!! Be sure to check the out next video below.