USPS Delivery Man Chucks Packages Out Of His Truck! WTF?!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

When you choose to get order something off of Amazon or any other delivery service you usually hope to receive the package in good condition. However, with so many people ordering online it is up to USPS and other delivery services to get the package to its destination as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that results in a delivery that may not always be up to standards. In this video we check out a USPS delivery guy who is definitely speedy in his delivery, but does not handle the package with care. The consumer was confused to find their package on the sidewalk instead of at his door and when he looked at the footage he saw that the delivery guy had just thrown his package out of the truck! Luckily they were just socks in the box, but we can only hope this is not how they are handling all of their other packages! To witness the bad delivery in action click the video!

Crazy!! Be sure to check the out next video below.