Underwater Jetpack, Monster Motorcycle W/ Maserati Engine, And More Crazy Fun Inventions!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Wow. These are the coolest inventions ever. The X2 Sport Underwater Jetpack looks as if anyone could use it with zero training whatsoever. This aquaman-making invention also looks as if it would fun fun and fun! The giant monster motorcycle with a giant monster Maserati engine is insanely powerful and insanely cool. It does NOT, however, look as if it is something anyone could use with not zero training. Also on this video of insane inventions are the Immersit, a sofa that shakes and moves in tune with the movie you are watching or the video game you are playing on your TV, the onedroneone drone that is controlled by a virtual reality helmet, the Festo Free Motion Handling flying bubble and so much more!  


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