This Twin Turbo LSx Fox Mustang Is Undeniably The Street King!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Skinnies is absolutely a the street machine as it dominates 2014 Cash Days street race! Skinnies is basically a twin turbo LSx engine powered Fox body Mustang with 1000 horsepower. With its 408i LSx Motor, 78mm Turbos at only 21psi, and a suspension to make this car hook on gravel, this car is definitely unstoppable. In this video, the car can be seen beating various other cars including a 1000hp LSX Truck, a 550hp Nitrous SBF Fox, 800hp Nitrous LSX Fox aka Beater Bomb, Nitrous Fairmont and Turbo Fox. Even though it dominates the entire race, Skinnies was beaten by a 1150hp Nitrous Fox. It was a close battle though! Check this badass car in action below!

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