Turbo BMW Catches FIRE @ 120MPH

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Adding  a big Turbocharger on a BMW is definitely a great idea only if it is installed properly, otherwise it could end up in a disaster much like what we are about to witness in this video. This incident took place in Street Car Takeover Indy where the turbocharged M20 2.0-litre inline six E30 BMW suddenly caught fire after running on a top speed reaching 120 mph. It seems like this is not just the first time they encounter the same scene and it’s quite odd that the owner is not seemingly bothered by the event. According to the video, there wasn’t anything flammable around the turbo for it to spread, so it was only good for some laughs on the joy ride!

Unbelievable. Want another video like that? Check out the one below.