Truck Stuck In A Mud In The Middle Of The Rain Forest

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

For Dump truck drivers, nothing can be worst than being stuck on a mud in the middle of the rain forest. It seems like nobody will like it if the nature itself get its payback. Anyway, what you are about to find here is a fully loaded dump truck being bogged on the deep mud. A bulldozer came in the rescue to pull the poor dump truck but it seems like it was also a failure. The bulldozer barely move the dump truck. Someone suggested that in this kind of situationĀ it is better to reduce the length of the cable as short as possible so that weight of truck helps provide more downward force on the tires of the dump truck and that will provide definitely more traction to dump truck to pull. The video , however, is quite short and we do not get any details on what happened to the truck next.

Unbelievable. Want another video like that? Check out the one below.