Trans Am Does A Bloody Red Burnout!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In some Burnout competition, participants doesn’t just want to give an impressive yet plain burnout. Some of them are aiming to make the even colorful and when we say colorful, this guys are taking it literally. In this burnout Competition in Pampa Texas (taken on 2007), a driver of a red Trans-Am does a pretty impressive bloody red burnout. This aint no magic trick but with the help of special kind of tires (probably from Khumo Ecstas) which makes the smoke red due to the dye saturated to its tire. The tiretrack are known to be very expensive so if you are thinking of joining a burnout contest soon and want to show off some eye catching smoke effects, then you might consider buying these tires and give them a great show much like what this Trans-Am did!

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