Tow Truck Driver Swung A Wrench Against Rider!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

The current video started in the middle of the action. A tow truck driver was chasing a scooter, putting other drivers’ life and property at stake! For unknown reasons, it seems that the scooter rider had pushed the truck’s mirror and left. However, the tow truck driver reaction cannot be explained. He swung a wrench against the scooter’s rider! Who does he thinks he is? If the wrench had made contact with the rider, the driver would have probably faced murder charges! He used a vehicle as a weapon, while he also carried a weapon! For this reason, the driver should have paid his debt to society by going to prison for some months! All these violent incidents prove that the possession of a dashboard camera is worthless, since drivers cannot keep their cool under the threat of a camera!

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