This Vintage Remodel Of This 1967 Ford Mustang Is Intimidating!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

We have seen our fair share of customized, revamped, remodeled and even trashed Ford Mustangs. Although to many observing several of the same models would be considered a bit repetitive, but what few understand is that each and every car whether it be old new or customized is unique in it’s own way. In this video we get a look at an intimidating Mustang. It’s monochromatic paint job along with the hardware give it an edgy look that let you know not to mess with it. Underneath it’s hood it packs a 302ci V8 that was rebuilt so it uses a mild cam, roller rockers, holley carburetor and an MSD ignition that all result in massive Hp! Click the video below to check this beast out!

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