This Man Spent Over 20 Years To Restore A 1964 Ford Mustang

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Meet Frank Middleweek of Woodford, Essex, a proud owner of a pre-production 1964 Mustang – one of three shipped to Dagenham to promote the car’s launch. Interestingly, Frank spent over 20 years of restoring this first gen Ford Mustang. According to Frank, Ford only made 200 of this pre production prototype and he is lucky enough to get one of the three cars that are brought to England. Since the car is a prototype, it got a lot of interesting features but the restoration, however is way far more complicated and more expensive at the same time that is why it is not really surprising that this 69 year old mechanic took such time just to bring this 1964 Mustang to its former glory.

That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!