This insane VW Monster Beetle Is One Incredible Build But can It Make IT Across The Water!?

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

There is no end to the insane creations people will make when it comes to enhancing their vehicles. We are sure the engineers at Volkswagen never fathomed that their creation would be modified into a Monster VW Beetle, but in this video we get a look at just that and we have to admit that it is a pretty interesting build. The funniest part about this video is that instead of going crazy in the dirt like most monster trucks would this owner decides to take his creation in the water to see what it can do. Although the vehicle is able to cross the water it is not the smartest way to put their hard work to the test, but all we can say is, “whatever floats your boat”. Click the video below to check out this insane VW Monster Beetle!

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