This Immaculate Toyota GT86 Is One Incredible Practical Daily Driver That Provides Speed, Power & Style!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Masaya Yumeda. the boss of HKS Europe has a deep connection with Japanese cars and in this video he gives a full review of his incredible GT86. Growing up in the 80’s Yumeda was raised in the era of the super car craze and although he could appreciate the speed and style of the super cars he always seemed to have an interest in the superior engineering and style of Japanese cars. Toward the end of his studies in college he began becoming emerged in the world of cars and it ultimately led him to working for HKS Performance Parts. His job not only brought him closer to his love of cars but also set him up financially to finally buy himself a fun daily driver in which he chose the Toyota GT86! To learn about the modifications he made to the car and what makes this one so special click below!

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