This Heavy Grocery Getter Goes 10.65 Seconds On The Track!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

The term Grocery Getter was usually coined to Station Wagon but that doesn’t mean they are not powerful enough to hit the race track! This video features a Grocery getter with an Attitude that will surely change the way you think about Station wagons. It is basically a Caprice Station wagon, a sleeper car weighing 4700lb. Despite of being heavy, this car is sporting a 700 hp on motor and 280 shot of nitrous and is interestingly named as “Mustang Eater”. If you decided to have such name, then better pull it off right? Well, luckily, this Station Wagon did and he was able to finish the race by running 10.65 Seconds at 130 miles per hour. Considering how much weight it carries, this car did great!

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