This Flying Chevrolet Camaro Is Truly A Crowd Pleaser

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

We were once tricked by that flying Opel Astra Car on a parking lot so I guess people are smart enough not to be fooled by this one! But hey, just because it is a fake replica of Chevrolet Camaro doesn’t mean it is not good enough to please the crowd. In this video, you’ll find a highly realistic replica of Chevrolet Camaro created by Gear Factor. Much like that Opel Astra car, these flying cars weight average around 5kg while they are so realistic that you can put them in the parking lot and people will not realize this is some sort of mock-up. Fitted inside the car is custom-built radio control system and brush-less motors they are maneuvered with precision and they are mainly use for car shows and other related event much like  the car show in Sao Paulo, Brazil in this video.  It is truly a crowd pleaser and it is not really surprising that Chevrolet won the press price for the best booth at this exhibition.

That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.