This Classic Bronco Has Been Transformed Into A Fully Custom Blown ’69 Bronco Pickup!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Ford Broncos are among the legendary Ford cars and whether you like them for their eye catching appearance or their unmatched off roading abilities it is usually safe to say their is always something good to be said about the Bronco. With the rise of Bronco popularity it is getting more and more difficult to find them cheap on Craiglist or the side of the road, but the guy in this video was able to get his hands on one and he transformed it into a one of a kind custom Bronco. Instead of leaving the topper on the back the owner instead decided to make it into a Bronco pickup. Equipped with a mean blown 502 big block this killer Bronco not only looks awesome but has the power to match! To check out this amazing custom Bronco click below!

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