This 2014 Toyota 4Runner Snowy Off Road Review Goes All wrong After It Gets Caught In The Grasps Of A Frozen Pond!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

The Toyota 4 Runner is known as one of Toyota’s finest off road vehicles and in this video we get an off road review of the 2014 4 Runner to test how capable these vehicles really are. Dave Erickson is known for testing and reviewing vehicles so who better to test this Toyotoa than Erickson. We join him on his ride as he takes this 4 Runner through the snowy terrain, but one thing goes terribly wrong after he drives over a frozen pond! Fortunately he has the 4 Runner on his side and is able to get himself out of the grasps of the frozen pond! Erickson ay have lost a Go Pro in the pond, but at least he got out of the ordeal safe! Click the video below to watch this review gone wrong!

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