They Found An Old ATV On Their Barn And That’s Where An Interesting Restoration Project Was Born

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

RamblinAround used to take us to Country Classic Cars or Passing Lane Motors to feature some awesome finds, some rare vehicles that are nothing but awesome. This time, he will share us something unusual, he just found an old Polaris ATV on his barn and this is where his Barn Find Polaris Project is born.  This particular quad was built as a prototype for Ritter Cycle Racing’s stroker kits. It’s appears to be a Polaris 350L, but it’s actually powered by a 409cc Two-stroke stroker engine. He even describe this vehicle as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.. The goal of this project is to transform this ATV into something more powerful yet remains to look more like a sleeper! We’re also excited to see the outcome.

That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.