The Ultra Powerful Wrangler Rattle Trap Is One Killer Snow Machine!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Say goodbye to your snowmobiles and drive through the snow is style with this badass Wrangler Rattle Trap! It took 60 days of professional hard work to gt the beastly Wrangler you see in the video below, but the hard work definitely paid off in the long run. Powered by 6.7 L V8 Cummins which delivers 385Hp  and 865ln-ft of torque, this car produces great power to get it through the snow. The impressive thing about the Rattle Trap Wrangler is that it is better than the snowmobile! In the video below you can notice how it is making doughnuts in the snow, blowing it on all of the sides, drifting, and having real fun out there. Click below to check it out!


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