The Legendary Pure Engine Sound Of The Legendary Group C Cars Will Sing You To Sleep

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Do you know of the World Endurance Championship? It gives some of coolest and most iconic cars of all time the chance to race one another at the famed Goodwood circuit. This championship also gives motorsports fans like you and me the chance to both see and listen to cars such as the Aston Martin AMR1, Gebhardt C91, Jaguar XJR9, Lancia LC2, Mercedes-Benz C11 Sauber, Nissan R90CK, Peugeot 905 EV1, Spice-Cosworth SE90C, and Toyota 87C do their awesome auto thang on a real track. If you love cars like I do, you will love this video of these legendary cars.


That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.