The Adrenaline Thirsty Kayakers Lose Control While Going Down A Rugged Drainage Ditch In British Columbia!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

If you want to capture some amazing footage of some of the craziest action packed events then the gopro is your ideal camera choice. In this video adrenaline junkies Ben Marr and Rush Sturges decide to kayak down a drainage ditch near Vancouver, British Columbia and their GoPro camera captures every second of the insane ride down! It is obvious that the duo has absolutely no control as they rush down the small streamed drainage ditch. Most of us would be pretty damn terrified if we found ourselves in this position, but these guys are having an absolute blast! click the video below to watch as these two adrenaline junkies go on one of the wildest rides down British Columbia’s wildest drainage ditch!

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