The $15M Super-Stealth Warship the Military Doesn’t Own

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Complex Cyber–Physical Systems (CCPS) research in the School of MIME focuses on the design, modeling, analysis, and operation of cyber–physical systems where a large number components interact at multiple levels and disciplines. Many engineered systems today consist of a large number of heterogeneous subsystems whose interactions are both crucial for the system to meet its design objective and potential sources of failure.

Examples of such cyber–physical systems include information systems, transportation systems, bio-inspired systems, software-hardware systems, prognostics and health management systems, sensor networks, renewable energy systems, and health care systems.

Research ranges from the early conceptual design stage to autonomous control during the operation stage with a particular focus on how decisions at each stage affect the functionality and health of the system through its full life cycle. Specific applications to date include spacecraft, communication satellites, Earth observing satellites, power plants, air transportation systems, sensor webs, commercial and military aircraft, automated manufacturing plants, green technologies, and power grids.

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