Teen Stunt Driver Performs Hair-Raising Maneuvers

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

While most thirteen years old kid are still keeping themselves busy with their video games, 13 year old Fionn Condren spend most of his time not with toys nor with game consoles but with his real car. What makes it more interesting is that he doesn’t just drive a car but he also performs various stunts that no other teenagers of his age can do. In this video, we will witness him doing some hair-raising maneuvers including some insane drifts, burnouts, donuts and parallel parking stunts! This is really not surprising actually considering that Fionn’s father was once a stuntman and he started motor-cross scrambling at just six years old (and started driving a car at the age of 8). Now feel free to check his incredible stunts below and be amazed!

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