Tailgunner Exhaust Is Probably The Coolest Bike Exhaust Of The All!!!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In this video, we will get a pleasure of watching a very unusual exhaust installed in a Yamaha R1. It is so called Tailgunner exhaust and as what the term suggests, this kind of exhaust resembles like a tailgunner and moves like a tailgunner! Once you rev up the bike, the exhaust will start rolling like a tailgunner. This may not offer any improvement in terms on how the bike performs but we cannot deny the fact that this eye catching exhaust design will catch so much attention when on the road! Check this cool tailgunner exhaust in action below and see if this could possibly be one of the coolest exhausts of them all. Would you mind having one?

Wait. What!? Check out the below video for more crazyness!