STREET FIGHT: OTL K24 Honda Civic Vs Ford Mustang

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Import versus the domestic, it has been always the battle between these two, and there is no stop. The guys from both the garages are in open war in a racing world, and now they are once again trying to prove whose car is better. One car is the powerful OTL K24 Honda Civic while the other one the well-known Ford Mustang. Even though the Mustang has been better in some races than the Honda Civic, there is a slight advantage for the Honda. But why these two teams are fighting, trying to prove who is better every time that they meet each other? Well, it is because they have spent too much time and too much money in their cars, they would not let anybody to be better than them. We know it will be the tough race because before they begin, the drivers even check the cars for some hidden nitrous can. Let’s see who will win.

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