Steering Wheel Comes Off In The Middle Of Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Race At Geico 500! CRAZY!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

NASCAR may look easy while you watch it from your couch, but anyone who knows about racing knows just how difficult it is. Racing takes a lot of skill and attention from the driver, but also requires that the car being used be in tip top shape so no mishaps happen while blasting around the track. Catastrophe on the track may be few and far between, but they can happen in a blink of an eye. While popular race Dale Earnhardt Jr was racing in geico 500 his steering wheel had come off of the car and nearly left him in a tragic accident. Luckily Earnhardt is so skilled he was able to steer with the shaft alone and save his life! In this video we discusses the series of events and we even watch from the cockpit as Dale Earnhardt Jr nearly faces a tragic accident! Click below to check it out!

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