Skyline GTR Launch 0 – 320Kmh! What A Beast!!!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

The video shows an impressive launch done by a Nissan Skyline GTR. As what you can see from this video, the gauges will show you how beastly this Nissan Skyline can perform. The 1st gear goes 115km/h; 2nd gear at 160km/h; 3rd gear goes 235 km/h; 4th gear at 275; 5th gear (9000rpm) 320km/h. It is interesting to note that this is not done on a dyno but on an actual road. Its a converted LHD R34 and was shot in a Philippine highway called the NLEX, their version of the Wangan in Japan and the Autobahn in Germany. The car uses a Holinger sequential transmission. 6-speed.

Unbelievable. Want another video like that? Check out the one below.