Remote Control Vehicle Crash Compilation Will Rock Your RC World At A 1/14 Scale Rate!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Remote Control vehicles are cool. They-RC cars, RC helicopters, RC airplanes and the like-can also be extremely dangerous from time to time. In fact, recently a 19-year-old young man was recently killed in a Brooklyn park after being hit in the head by a RC helicopter piloted by a teenaged boy in Calvert Vaux Park. Early reports were that the Roman Pirozek Jr was killed by a helicopter that was being flown by a member of the Seaview Rotary Wings Helicopter Club. Remote Control vehicle crash and vehicle video is about all sorts of RC cars etc crashing in all sorts of ways. One RC buggy even takes out a Christmas tree!


Unbelievable. Want another video like that? Check out the one below.