Rare Bigfoot 5 Video Compilation For The Win!!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

One of the most popular and well known Monster truck is the BigFoot. The truck was introduced in 1979 and is regarded as the original monster truck.  Of all the versions it has, the Bigfoot 5 is probably the most iconic for so many reasons. First, the truck holds the record of being the tallest pickup truck ever made. Specs wise, the truck is sitting on an astounding 120 x 48 x 68 Firestone Alaska tundra tires, weighing approx. 2400 lbs. each. It is powered by 460 c.i. with C-6 automatic transmission. The truck weighs 28,000 lbs. and 38,000 if with duals. This video will give us some rare Bigfoot 5 in action! Watch it and enjoy!

Wait. What!? Check out the below video for more crazyness!