These Are The Parts That Stop The Challenger Demon Eating Itself

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Dodge are keeping us busy each Thursday morning and by releasing teasers of their upcoming Challenger SRT Demon.

Detailed in the eighth installment of the campaign is a Launch Assist system designed to reduce wheel hop.

This phenomenon happens when tires slip and the regain traction and launch, thus storing up and releasing energy in a driveline, which can damage components.

Not anymore, as a Launch Assist uses wheel speed sensors to watch for signs of tire-slipping/sticking, if this is detected, then a control module reduces torque to maximize traction, almost instantly, with no necessary lift from a driver. The system is said to reduce loads in the driveline by more than 15-20 percent.

Compared to a Challenger SRT Hellcat, Dodge’s Demon also has the upgraded prop shaft that increases torque capacity by 15 percent, upgraded differential housing with 30 percent increased torque capacity, tweaked 41-spline halfshafts, which deliver 20 percent more torque capacity.

We also learn that the Demon gets the new four-point harness bar for use on the track.

Being that the rear seats were removed, and the mounting points are easily accessible, without cutting or drilling anything inside the vehicle..

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