Oil Change Nightmare Leaves Man Out Of Work!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Al is a hardworking locksmith who takes pride in his work and helping others. He owns his business, Al’s Locksmith Service, and runs the whole operation from his 2005 Chevrolet Van. It is safe to say that without his Van he is in a whole lot of trouble. His worst nightmare became a reality after he had taken his Van to the EZ Lube where a whole mess of problems ensued soon after. The team who had worked on his car at EX Lube had forgotten to add more oil after draining it causing a whole lot of problems after Al left the shop. Poor Al was out of work and without a Van for 4 weeks and when the EZ lube was investigated it became very clearn Al was not their first victim. To get the full inside scoop on the story click the video!

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