Nissan Juke R SMOKES A Bugatti Veyron!!! [LOL]

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

How bad would you feel if you line up to this Nissan Juke R at a stoplight in your brand new million dollar Veyron, and the sleeper SUV walks you all the way. I would probably end up selling my Bugatti. However, this is no ordinary Nissan Juke, this particular Juke is a special edition that is the result of Nissan giving its motorsports engineering team a little extra money to screw around with. So what did they do? They the 3.8 liter Twin Turbo V6 from a GT-R as well as its AWD drive train and put it in a Juke to make the ultimate sleeper. This thing is bad ass on so many levels. It’s just to damn ugly for my tastes.

Wait. What!? Check out the below video for more crazyness!