We Need More Cops Like This

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In a world that’s focused on bad news, it easy to slip into a cynical mindset of “everything sux”. That’s a fact as old as a proverb “good news travels fast but bad news travels faster”.

Cops are often branded as everyone’s favorite villains. There’s of course a flip side to every coin. Here we can witness how cool cops can be. It’s a video from Elgin, IL showing a police officer in interaction with a large group of young adults and car enthusiasts who meet up every Sunday at a local Taco Bell. Apparently, the group was often reported for aggressive diving and loitering, and his job was to handle this situation.

In similar cases across America, most cops would pursue and antagonize young people, which leads to a never-ending cycle of distrust and hate. Not this guy. He persuaded them to disperse in less than two minutes, all the while speaking in a respectful manner. It’s a shame this video has less than 100K views, more people should see this cop in action.

That was really over the top. What do you think of this next video?