Nebraska Deputy Jumps Onto Moving Semi And Saves The Day

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Desperate times call for desperate measures. This phrase perfectly sums up the situation in this video, that shows sargeant Todd Volk of Madison County Sheriff’s Department jumping onto a moving semi and bringing it to a halt after the truck driver suffered a diabetic reaction. By doing so, Sgt. Volk saved the driver’s life and ended a 12-mile long police pursuit of the truck that could have put even more lives in danger.

“Deputy Kruid said he got up beside, just to look at the driver, and see if he could get his attention better, and said he [the truck driver] just had the blank stare on his face. Something wasn’t right,” Sgt. Volk stated.

That’s when he decided to go all in.

“As he came by, I could see the driver’s head slumped down and felt he was not conscious and it popped in my head that we need to get this vehicle stopped. At that point in time, the truck was traveling about 20 mph, I jumped back in my patrol vehicle, punched it and got up in front and jumped out and jumped up and grabbed the hand railing and the mirror on the side of the truck and hit the breaks. When we got in the truck, the driver was sitting there and I mean we found out later he was a diabetic and was having a diabetic reaction. His blood sugar was very low at the time,” said Sgt. Volk.

It turned out the driver didn’t even know he had diabetes. He’s doing fine now, thanks to the hero deputy of Madison County.

That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.