MUST WATCH: These Motorcycle Close Calls Will Blow Your Mind

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Many people on this planet escaped a death from a tiny fragment of the second, and do you know how? Well, the answer is simple, they had luck, that’s all. Honestly we don’t recommend anyone to face the situation like that where her or his life would be questioned and after that he would have nightmares for the long period. You know how unpredictable life is, one day you are here and other on the other side, so the rule is simple don’t challenge it! And sometimes you are not even trying, like on this crazy compilation here, you face it and escape it, you are not even aware in those moments. Well, one of the most unsecured rides on the planet is the motorcycle, the super-fast ones, it seems like other drivers don’t give so much attention on it. Well, you can notice how vehicles are interrupting the lines of the bikes. And some of the bikers on this video are not trying to break speed records, they are just passionate bikers riding their bikes. And we wish every biker should have this luck, because sooner or later he might face the situation like this. Watch this compilation in the video bellow.

That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.