Motorcycle Accident Resulted To Facial Impalement! Ouch!!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Warning! This video contains a graphic content! What we are about to witness here is a very painful footage taken from a camcorder mounted on the rider’s helmet showing a very unfortunate accident. It all started when the rider is passing through a gnarly trail and went out of control. Unfortunately, even the rider is wearing a full face helmet, a tree branch (about 1″ in diameter) managed to get through his chin guard and impaled his cheek. Everything was caught in the camera and according to the rider, he was rushed by his dad on the ER and received received 24 stitches from the operation which left him a very faint scar. It could have been a fatal accident and the guy was lucky enough to survive. Check the video below!

Unbelievable. Want another video like that? Check out the one below.