Monstrous 48 Cylinder Kawasaki Brought Back To Life After 5 Years

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

You guys are probably aware of this Guinness World Record holder motorcycle better known as the Whitelock Tinker Toy. This bike is known for having a vehicle engine with the most number of cylinders. It is created by Simon Whitelock and this custom monster boast 48-cylinders, six crankshafts and six Jaguar E-type distributors. The 48 cylinder lump , however, is slightly harder to start than your conventional motorcycle engine as you can see from the video, so instead of an electronic starter motor, Simon decided to use what he calls a “donkey engine”, a little sub-50cc engine, which is started, and in turn that starts the 48 cylinder engine. Now after five years, Simon decided to bring his iconic bike back to life! We would love to see it hitting the road though (yes, it is a street legal).

That was really over the top. What do you think of this next video?