Mechanic Somersaults In The Air When An Over-inflated Truck Tire Explodes In His Face

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

There’s a reason why pro mechanics use safety cages when inflating a tire, and that’s because those things could kill you.

But Russian mechanics are different than the others in that respect. You see, what separates Russian mechanics from all the rest is the fact they’re, well, Russian. What that means is that they don’t care if they get hurt or die. And seriously, what are the odds that something bad will happen right then and there? Well, that’s Russian logic for you, and it works too, up until the moment the tire explodes directly in this mechanics face and sends him somersaulting in the air.

Now he might take some time to contemplate the benefits of safety cages.

That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!