Massive Machines you have never Seen Before !

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The world’s largest rubber-tired front-end loader in the world scoops and moves earth with a staggering 53-cubic-yard shovel that,  could easily hold two Cadillac Fleetwoods piled on top of each other.

A 65-liter, 2300-hp diesel engine drives the nearly 67-foot-long and 21-foot-high behemoth, which can lift upward of 72 tons of material almost 44 feet in the air, filling the largest trucks in just a few passes.

Listing below are ten of the massive machines that you didn’t know existed!


This is a Small Earth Mover, there are Machines that move earth that are twice the size of this one. Used in heavy Mining Operations.

When Caterpillar introduced the 797B in 2002, it entered its class as one of the largest dump trucks in the world; six years later, Caterpillar upped the ante with its 797F, besting its predecessor in both payload capacity and horsepower.

The 797F sports a 20-cylinder 4000-hp single-block engine, which bests the 797B by 450 hp. Caterpillar’s massive truck also hauls 20 tons more than its earlier incarnation, moving it into the rarefied air of trucks with a 400-ton payload.


When You need to move your Heavy Equipment, what better way than to load it up in This Giant Earth Mover !

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