Luck Or Mad Skill For This Blown Pro Mod?

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Maybe many of you don’t even remember this mighty vehicle of those times, but someone still kept the memory of the car and even transformed it into the mean drag racing machine. Yeah the 390 cubic inch engine twin 4-bbl with 426 horsepower with the additional transformation and pumping can race on events of this caliber. And let’s not go too far because we don’t know if this engine can be transformed into the drag rocket. But the AMX on the video below has hell of a horsepower and mighty supercharger on a hood, we bet that it surpasses 1000+ horsepower! And everything is on place: Well, the AMX is in the mighty club ready for racing, finishing the needed warm up preparations and started… So, how the hell that happened? Suddenly after the start it lost a control like the rear wheels jumped but it was unbelievable how it returned back on a track without causing any major damage on the body.

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