Lamborghini Gallardo Is Α Τoughie! Yamaha Cannot Handle It!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

This bike rider is brave enough to challenge a Lamborghini Gallardo. What a mistake in his behalf! The rider overestimated his chances, since his bike was old- Yamaha Thundercat. This Lambo can easily hit 200 mph, while this Yamaha is not quick enough to even compete with Lambo. Additionally, the lack of protective gear such as helmet and suit is dumb, simply as that! Protection is a major issue, but performance-wise, the lack of equipment impacts the rider’s performance. The rider’s vision is unprotected from wind, bugs, dirt, dust, etc., so it may become the cause of an accident. Old bike, lack of protective gear, poor racing skills! What a squid!

That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.