Jamie Whincup Proves His Driving Skills With This Epic Spin Recovery during An Australian V8 Supercar Race!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

When you are racing at high speeds on the track it is incredibly difficult to save yourself from disaster once it begins to unfold. We have watched our fair share of epic racing recoveries, but the one in this video definitely goes on the top of the list. In this video clip we are taken to an Austalian V8 Supercar Race where Jamie Whincup performs one of the best racing saves we’ve seen! As Whincup approaches the corner he is forced to lock up his brakes which ultimately causes the car to go into a sideways skid, but instead of succumbing to the terrible fate he is able to throttle down and rotate the car 360 degrees in a wild drift that fortunately kept him on the track! To check out this epic save click the video below!

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